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Organic brands CENTELLA and HYDRAFLORE

I chose the organic cosmetics brands Centella and Hydraflore

because I was looking for very high quality organic beauty products to satisfy my customers who, tired of the empty promises of chemical cosmetics, were in great demand for authentically natural beauty products.

I wanted to find the natural scents of yesteryear, essential oils and vegetable oils.

When I discovered Centella, it was magical: all the scents that I had known when I was younger came back to my mind, a bit like Proust's madeleine.

And since I have been using the products, I have noticed remarkable effectiveness on the radiance of the complexion which becomes brighter, the skin which is re-oxygenated, and the wrinkles which fade away.

She is also better hydrated. The products are of high quality and as a socio-esthetician I can only work with products in which I have complete confidence.

My favorites at Centella are Camelia oil , eyelash treatment and Prestige mask .

I invite you to discover all the products of the organic brand Centella by browsing the catalog

Centella booklet.


If you want to use organic and natural cosmetics from the brands Centella and Hydraflore, which I recommend, you can order them online and have them delivered directly to your home.


Face and Body Line with Rosehip

The Hydraflore brand, whose high quality has already been crowned by obtaining several awards in 2009 and 2010, offers, with its rosehip line, a unique cosmetic experience for the specific needs of sensitive and weakened skin by combining :

Softness and performance of precious assets.

Rosehip is renowned for acting on the regeneration and hydration of the skin, thanks to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids. It acts in synergy with vegetable oils, judiciously chosen to stimulate the natural functions of the skin.

Sweetness and respect.

Plant extracts, virgin vegetable oils from first cold pressing, pure spring water… The Musk Rose line is first and foremost the choice of quality for the utmost respect for the skin. The range is formulated with organic and fair trade ingredients for hazelnut oil and sesame oil.

Organic certification * for all products of the Hydraflore brand and the Equitable ** logo for 5 products are an additional pledge of this quest for authenticity and respect for the planet and its inhabitants who conquered.

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